Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've had a recent realization about myself.  Profound and interesting, I think.  For whatever reason, in my mind, I equate hammocks with happiness.

I'm not entirely sure why this would be.  All I know is that I have had this mental association since I was a small child.  Part of me honestly believes that I will never be truly happy until I have a hammock.  So my entire life thus far has been pre-hammock.  That's why it has been so up and down in terms of quality.  But once I have a hammock, things will even out; life will be good.

This is actually a little stressful for me (a shining example of me being overly high-strung.)  In addition to the part of my brain that is awaiting the happy life of hammock enjoyment, there is another part of my brain that is terrified that having a hammock won't be all it's cracked up to be.  What if I am disappointed in the hammock-lifestyle?  I have built it up quite a bit in my brain.  What if it's just alright, but doesn't live up to my high expectations?  Could I continue on, knowing that my one concept of happiness is a lie?

So, I've decided that I am not just going to go out and get a hammock.  (Sounds tempting, though.)  Instead, I am going to wait for my life to become really awesome and THEN get a hammock.  And I will retroactively attribute the awesomeness of my life to the hammock.  This sounds like a good plan.  There is only one flaw.  What if my life doesn't ever become really awesome?  I don't have an answer for this.  It might not.  But I think it is a lot better to go through life hoping for an awesome-hammock-life than to have no hope at all.  So there we are.

PS.  I've recently realized another deeply held belief of mine.  For whatever reason, when anybody in a movie or TV show introduces themselves as being from Scotland Yard, I immediately trust them.  I don't know why, but it feels like a childhood thing.  It might be the accent combined with the air of authority.  Part of me kind of wants to start introducing myself as Harrison Cooper, Scotland Yard.  Actually... I might just start doing that.

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