Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Things

There are a lot of really crappy stuff that happens to people.  Death, break-ups, depression, etc.  I think people fail to appreciate the little crappy stuff.  You know, the stuff that we all experience every once in a while that just makes us go, "well, that sucks."  Individually, these Little Things are simply minor annoyances, but together they can add up to turn a good day into a bad day.
  1. That thing where you are thinking really intently about something, and then something distracts you momentarily and you realize that you have absolutely no idea what you were just thinking about.  For all you know, you could have been on the verge of understanding the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  That sucks.
  2. When you are going down a flight of stairs and you think that there is one more step than there actually is and so you step down way to hard on the ground and almost fall over.  And then you also look like an idiot.  That sucks.
  3. That thing when you are accidentally staring at someone without realizing it.  That sucks.
  4. That thing where you suddenly become paranoid that someone THINKS you're staring at them (especially if they are noticeably handicapped in some way), and so you try to make it clear that you're not but you also can't just avoid looking at them, so you become overly aware of how much you look at them and in the process get completely stressed out.  It's probably really obvious what you're doing too.  That sucks.
  5. Sometimes, you have a craving for something.  And you can't get it.  And the craving doesn't go away.  And it drives you crazy.  And then you finally get a chance to have it, and you no longer want it anymore.  That sucks.
  6. Thinking it's a Friday when it's not.  That sucks.
  7. Waking up in the middle of the night and looking forward to more sleep, only to realize that you have to get up in 5 minutes anyway.  It's always 5 minutes too.  Not long enough to actually get any good sleep, but long enough that you can convince yourself to go back to sleep.  That sucks.
  8. Running at breakneck speed, trying to make sure you get somewhere on time, only to find out that everyone else is late anyway.  That sucks.
  9. If you have long eyelashes (I do), sometimes the top eyelashes and bottom eyelashes will get tangled up in a process I like to call "eyelash mating."  And no matter how many times you separate them with your fingers, they WILL continue to do it until they feel like stopping.  That sucks.  Especially if someone likes to try to get them to do it on purpose by rubbing their hand over your eyelashes really quick.  (You know who you are.)
  10. When someone thinks that they are close enough friends to you that they can tickle you, but really they're not and it's just horrible and uncomfortable.  Especially if you are too wishy-washy to tell them that and instead tell them that it's okay when it's really not.  That sucks.
Yes.  All of those things suck.  And there are more.  Many, many more.  I figure that the only way we can combat these forces of negativity is by laughing about them.  And then crying about them.


  1. Little Things:
    10 Things that can turn a crappy day into a not so bad day:
    1. When someone you don't really know all that well gives you a compliment.
    2. When you get a better grade on an assignment than you thought.
    3. Smiling. It's contagious. If you make yourself smile when you feel angry or sad, you will feel better, even if it is only marginally.
    4. Good food. There is nothing better than eating good food.
    5. Hugs.
    6. A heartfelt discussion with someone you haven't really talked to in a while.
    7. Watching BtVS. Duh.
    8. Having a random dance party.
    9. Learning something new and interesting.
    10. When you hear a song you really like in an unexpected place and you can silently, or not, jam out to it.

    There are lots of crappy things, but there are also a lot of really good things!

    Also, sorry about the eyelashes. I just thing it's really funny. :)