Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've had this sketchbook since September, and it's finally been filled up.  I took some scans of some (not all) of the pages and made a quick little slideshow of it.  Realize that this is a flattering selection of drawings, and that there are quite a few pages I didn't want to put in here.  The video isn't the best quality, but it's not a huge deal.  I encourage you to go full screen.  Enjoy!


Many of these drawings are of my friends.  Quite a few are just invented from my imagination.  Some are drawn from life.  Sharp eyed comic book nerds might notice a few drawings that were clearly referenced from the work of Frank Quitely and Karl Moline.

A note:  I do not draw in a sketchbook in any kind of order.  I draw on random pages until I fill it up.  I think I do this in order to combat my natural obsessive compulsiveness.  I believe that perfection is boring and has no place in art.  Drawing on random pages therefore helps me get into that mindset.  I also like it when someone finds a half-filled sketchbook of mine and thinks I stopped drawing in it only to find another drawing after 5 blank pages.  As a result of this method, though, it's hard to know when I drew what drawings.  Some of them I clearly remember drawing, such as the first one in the video (drawn within the first week of having the sketchbook), but most of them I have no idea.  I remember making the drawing, but have no idea when it was.  I kind of like that too.  It makes the entire -- what seven months? -- blur together into a uniform chunk of time in which I had the sketchbook.


  1. I'm actually pretty proud of it. (Except there are really quite a lot of drawings in the actual sketchbook that I left out for good reason.)

  2. what made you chose that song?

  3. I'm not sure. I just liked it I guess. No really valid artistic reason other than that.