Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doodle-a-Day 19-22

Missed another chunk of days.  I'm still working on a big project --which I will more than likely link to from here when it is complete-- that has been eating up a lot of my time.  Doodling has fallen by the wayside a bit.  But, I still have yet to miss 5 days in a row, which is the maximum I can miss.  So that's good.

Here are four doodles.

This is a charcoal drawing of Hogwarts.  Again, I still have no fixer, so this is a photograph.

Ink doodle of a hand.

And finally, a Huayangosaurus: a small chinese stegosaur.


  1. Should you not mind, I'm putting up and linking your Huayangosaurus. Should you mind, let me know, I'll take down the actual image and leave the link. Or not, depending on what you would like me to do. Sorry I didn't ask before putting it up there. I just found it today.

    1. That's totally cool. Just credit me and a link back here would be great!