Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 6

Interesting story behind this one.  I am intensely afraid of spiders.  This morning (and yesterday morning too, actually, but that's a different story), I caught this spider in my room.  Caught it in a jar, actually.  I'm a biology major and have a natural curiosity about living things.  So you can imagine the internal war between my arachnophobia and my scientific curiosity.  

So all day I've been in fear of this creature in this jar in my room.  This drawing is not so much conquering my arachnophobia, but exploring that irrational fear.  I forced myself to look at the spider long enough and closely enough to draw it.  As you can see, it came out as a pretty quick sketch.  While I was drawing it though, I did see it in a new perspective.  The spider had built a web in the jar and was waiting patiently for a meal that would never come.  I rendered this fearsome predator helpless.  So I was able to feel some sympathy for the spider, and felt some irony at the idea that its life was at the mercy of an arachnophobe.  Didn't change the fact that it still totally wigged me out (that's how irrational fears are), but it was an interesting perspective on the situation.  I hope that comes across in the doodle.

After I did the doodle, I took the jar outside, far away from my house, and let the spider free.  I considered it an act of mercy, and hope that the spider tells its friends to stay away from me.   

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