Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Doodle-A-Day Project

Alright.  Here we go.  This is something I've been planning on doing for a while, but I feel like it is finally the right time to start.  I call it The Doodle-A-Day Project.

Basically, I am going to do a doodle every day for a year, and post them all here on my blog.  Not a big deal, just a fun little project.  As life gets more an more complicated, sometimes it gets harder to justify spending time exercising your creativity muscles (especially for a science major like myself).  So forced doodling, every day, will be a nice way to guarantee that I have a nice healthy dose of art in my life.  And hopefully it will produce some pretty neat stuff.

Now down to the rules.  I'm purposefully making this very open-ended.  A "doodle" can constitute any 2-dimensional piece of artwork.  It will probably be mostly graphite drawings, maybe some charcoal or pastels.  I might try painting again, but no promises any of that will end up on here.  These drawings might be in any level of "finished."  They could be quick sketches or very refined and detailed.  I am anticipating that weekend-doodles will be more polished, while weekday-doodles will probably be more quick and dirty.

The doodles can be of any subject I feel like drawing that day.  People, places, things, abstract crap.  Whatever.  I might draw from life, or I might just make it up.  That's part of the fun.  I have no set time for when I do a doodle, but it will be sometime between the hours of 12am and 11:59pm, likely depending on whatever I have to do that day.

Also, I anticipate that life is unpredictable and there may well be days where I do not manage to do a doodle.  So, my policy with that is that I can go a maximum of 5 days without doing a doodle.  The day that I post again though, I must have a doodle for every day that I missed and try my hardest not to miss days again.  Regardless of how many days I don't doodle, I will end with 365 doodles and have gone no more than 5 days without updating on this blog.

I also have no intention to stop my regular posts on this blog.  Expect non-doodle-a-day-related posts at about the same frequency they are now.  (That is, about once every 2 weeks.)

Technically, today is the first day of Doodle-a-Day, seeing as it's past midnight, but I think I will wait until morning to actually do the first doodle.  So, look out for that.

I'm sure this will be a fun year, and I hope that you all come along with me for it.

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