Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 94-99

Well, I have officially gone the absolute maximum number of days I am allowed to go without a doodle for the second time.  An explanation:

First and foremost, I was working hard trying to get everything ready for another project I have going to finally go live and visible to the public.  It is called Welcome to Sumwhere, and it is an animated web series that my friends and I created back in High School.  I am the animator and web designer.  Unfortunately, we stopped updating almost two years ago.  However, we recently decided to get it going again, and with our improved creative minds we hope to turn it into something to be proud of.  The first episode of Season 2, Pat in Love, went up on Friday, along with a brand new website to replace the old stupid one.  (You can still see some stuff that needs work on the site.  I'm getting to it, but it is good enough for the moment.)  You should go and check the whole thing out at http://welcometosumwhere.com.  Feel free to take a look at Season 1, but keep in mind that it is the work of silly High School students.  While it isn't terrible (especially for how young we were), I think that Season 2 will be far better.

So, that's my plug for Welcome to Sumwhere.  I feel kind of bad for plugging it, actually, but hey.  It's my blog right?  Let me know what you think.

Secondly, my best friend left for a student trip to China yesterday, and for the past week I've been hard at work on not only getting Sumwhere working again, but on making her an awesome going-away present because I will not get to see her again for 4 months.  As a result, doodling kind of fell by the wayside for a bit.

Anyway, without further ado, here are six doodles.  Nothing too special.  My favorite is the Biker Wasp.

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