Monday, September 19, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 132-134

Alright!  Look at this!  I'm actually posting some doodles within the time limit of 5 days!  Check it out!  Of course, I did miss Saturday, Sunday, and today is Monday so you get three.

This next one was done with the help of my friend Colt, in a conversation that went much like this:
ME:  This is a weird one.  I don't usually do abstract stuff like this.
COLT:  Is that abstract?
ME:  Well, no, not really.  It's just some strange shapes.  But I guess that's as close as I get to abstract.
COLT:  What feelings does it represent in you?
ME:  Oh, you know.  Happiness, Fear, Anger, Joy and a little bit of Shame.
COLT:  You should call it "All Good Things Come With A Little Bit of Shame."
ME:  Haha.  I don't know, I don't really name my doodles.  Feels pretentious.
COLT:  Just do it.
ME:  (while writing title) Ha.  I feel like an angsty teenager.

And finally, another quick watercolor pencil drawing.

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