Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 146-151

Man, here we are again.  And I was so hoping I wouldn't go the maximum number of days this week.  Oh well.  I tried to do some more complex drawings this week to make up for the fact that many of the most recent ones have been very sketchy.

This first one is of my good friend Holly Cooper (no relation, probably.)  I tried to change things up a little bit for this one and instead of a blank white background I tried to do this... stripey... thing.  I'm not really sure how well it works, but hey can't I try something new for a change?

Another architectural one.  Pretty proud of the detail and precision on this one.

Random guy I found a picture of on the internet and thought was funny.

I'm trying to do this new thing where I sketch people very quickly.  I've been practicing doing the same thing with objects for quite some time and I think I'm getting quite good at it.  However, people are more difficult because it is usually pretty difficult to capture their likeness quickly.  Nevertheless, it is a skill I want to try to build, as I think it will help my more involved drawings.  This one is of my girlfriend (the photo is old, she has short hair now.)  I got the body pretty well, but I really had to work to not slow down for the face.  It definitely shows, the likeness isn't nearly as close as I would like.  But I am going to count it as a success considering that I did it so quickly and that it looks MOSTLY like her.  She'll forgive me, I'm sure.

Also, that look she has (the why-are-you-such-an-idiot-look)?  She gives me that look all the time.

A quick mountain lion.  I really like big cats lately.

And, finally, a cartoon ninja.

Well, that's it for this week.  And I would like the record to show that I still haven't gone over the limit of days I set for myself.  And I don't plan to.  Hopefully you will be seeing another Doodle-A-Day post before another 6 days have gone by.


  1. These are awesome! Which building is that?

  2. she sorta looks like Tina Fey giving you that (why-are-you-such-an-idiot-look)