Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 188-189

Raptor Week continues!  Missed yesterday, but I am very proud of both of these drawings, so it's alright.

I should say that only a day into Raptor Week and I have already made an inaccuracy.  It is more likely than not that Velociraptor had winglike feathers on it's legs as well, as the basal dromaeosaur Microraptor had them.  It could be argued that that is not the case, but I think the general consensus is that most dromaeosaurs did have back wing feathers.  So unless an expert comments to let me know that I am wrong, I will probably be drawing them for the rest of the week (though reduced quite a bit in the case of the two raptors I have today.

First up is another oft-mentioned dromaeosaur: Deinonychus antirrhopus.  Deinonychus was a relative of Velociraptor that lived quite a bit earlier, in the Early Cretaceous of North America.  It was a bit larger than Velociraptor, but still relatively small compared to a human, probably reaching up to a person's hip or so.

Second is another fairly popular dromaeosaur: Utahraptor ostrommaysorum.  Utahraptor lived even just a bit earlier than Deinonychus, and also lived in North America.  It is the largest known dromaeosaur, and is about the same size as the "Velociraptors" from Jurassic Park.

I think the most fun part of doing these drawings is coming up with cool color patterns for the feathers.  I really like that Deinonychus actually.  I wonder if I will draw one I like more before the week is out.

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