Friday, December 30, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 231-234

Okay, I know I said that I would actually try and get a doodle out a day, but... you know what?  I didn't do that.  Sorry.  Anyway, here are four doodles to make up for the days I missed.

First is Spider-Man.

Next is... something I made up.

My love affair with my new brush pen continues and Doctor Who continues with two ink drawings of the tenth doctor.  Of these two doodles I like the second one best.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 230

On this fine Christmas day, here's a full color doodle for ya.  This is my first foray into digital coloring, and it was quite a bit of fun.  (I only realized after the fact that I had chosen the same colors as The Grinch).  Anyway, this is Santa's true form.

As a point of interest, here's the original ink drawing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 222-229

Whew! 8 Doodles!  Here we go!

The first four doodles are part of a series I decided to do of the dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus.

I've recently started watching Doctor Who and am totally obsessed with it.  This explains the following the next three doodles, which incidently, are also the first doodles I've done with my brand new Brush Pen!  I've never used one before, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  So much fun!

First is a Cyberman.

Followed by a Dalek.

And the TARDIS!

And finally, because I couldn't think of what my last drawing should be, I just let the drawing happen.  It turned out to be a surly elf!

Happy holidays everyone!  I am going to try really hard to actually have it be a doodle a day for a while.  You know... like I originally planned?  Yay!

On Doodles

Yeah, I know I've dropped the ball recently and that I've gone 8 full days without doing a doodle.  Honestly, I don't have a GREAT excuse, but a bunch of little okay excuses.  First of all, I HAVE been doodling every day.  I swear!  I just haven't been scanning them due to a combination of technical issues and the fact that I forget to when I have the opportunity.  I realize that this sucks, but I will try very hard to get all 8 of those doodles up today and hopefully will get one out a day for AT LEAST A WEEK.  Seriously guys.  I mean business.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 217-221

Well, finals are finished now.  Hopefully doodles will come a little bit more frequently over the next couple of weeks.

Firstly, today is my friend Colt's birthday.  I'm not actually too happy with this drawing, but I couldn't find a better picture of him to work off of.  Happy birthday buddy!

Next is a dragon.

A wildebeest.

A hippogriff.

And finally, my favorite drawing of the bunch.  You might recognize this as one of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous flying machines.  I love Da Vinci, as he was both a scientist and an artist and threw himself into both wholeheartedly.  I love his flying machines in particular, because I love the combination of engineering and imagination.  They can't work of course, which is kind of my favorite thing about them.  A scientific mind came up with the concepts, but it takes imagination to make them fly.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 211-216

Another weeksful of drawings, all done in an hour.  Sorry but finals are really killing me at the moment.  Only one more week though!

First is a dinosaur of some kind.  I didn't use any reference whatsoever for this one, so I am not going to claim any particular genus or species; just a generic early theropod with little to no scientific basis behind it.

My laboratory goggles.

Some sort of minotaury guy.

No idea where this came from.  This was the product of that rare but wonderful thing where you just let the pencil show you what it wants to draw.  The best way I can think to describe this thing is an Egyptian Skull Dalek.

A very fat camel.

And, finally, a snakey car/bus.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Doodle-A-Day 205-210

Wow, kinda let things go this week.  Probably will continue like that for another week.  For alas, finals week is upon us.  After that though I head home and doodles will probably become frequent again.

For this though, I have done something very lazy and that is to draw whatever I first saw very quickly.  Sorry!  Hope to give some more technically proficient drawings in a couple weeks.