Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 310-315

Wow, really let the doodles get away from me again this week.  But at least I haven't passed the limit.  Guess life just got a little ridiculous there for a while.  But here are 6 doodles, all of which I'm pretty happy with actually.  (Wow, can you believe I've done 315 of these things?!)

First up is the giant Paleocene predatory bird, Diatryma.  Well, I guess they are calling it Gastornis now, but I like Diatryma better.

Next is an ink drawing of Smilodon fatalis.  This is my least favorite of the bunch.  I feel like the ink could have given it a lot more depth but it just feels flat and emotionless where it should feel powerful and energetic.

Next are my interpretations of two Spider-Man villains.  Mysterio:

... and Vulture.  I recently saw someone suggest that Terry O'Quinn should play Vulture, and I think that would be PERFECT casting.  So I used him as a model for Vulture here, hoping that if I drew it it would come true.

Sometimes my brain scares me.

And other times it's AWESOME.  This feels like what it would be like if Dr. Seuss met Firefly.

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