Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 316-319

I've been thinking of my brother an awful lot lately.  I miss him very much.  But I get to see him in less than a week for Spring Break!

The next three doodles are continuing with my attempt to bring a bit more variety to the prehistoric fauna I draw for the doodles-a-day.  These three creatures all come from the Burgess Shale Formation and lived about 530 million years ago.  They are some of the oldest multicellular creatures known and some of them are just downright strange.

This first one is my favorite: Hallucigenia.  This thing is just WEIRD.  The Cambrian was a time when Evolution was more than just a process: it was a playground.  These strange things look like some dreamed up alien monster.  But they were real!  How cool is that!?

Next is one of the first arthropods: Anomalocaris.  Again, how strange is this guy?  Isn't it so cool to think that every arthropod alive today, from spiders and crabs to insects, is related to this monstrosity?

And finally, this is Haikouichthys, one of the very first chordates.  It was about is big as your thumbnail, and yet you are descended from a creature very like this.  (Well, I guess that is assuming you are a chordate from the planet earth.  Which I suppose is a fairly narrow minded assumption considering the vastness of the universe.  Unfortunately, Blogger Stats does not take into account interstellar traffic.  Sorry to the off-planet demographic.)

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