Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 349-353

5 doodles today.  First is a couple of birds.  (of course)

A numbat.

And a castle.

Finally, here is a doodle of my friend Kris making a great face.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 343-348

First off, here's another sketch of my friend Alex because I wan't very happy with the other one.

I asked my friend Erik to describe a dragon to me and this is what happened.  His name is 8-ball and his back is on fire so that no one can ride him.

My girlfriend Alicia graciously posed for me after I mentioned how much I wanted to sketch a live model.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Beautiful days in Missoula means wonderful sketching opportunities.

And finally, a very quick doodle of a Styracosaurus.  The head feels much too small to me.  Oh well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 342

Look at that!  A single-day doodle!  Like it was supposed to be!

Can't guarantee it will be like this too much from here till the end, my life has taken a turn for the busy.  However, here is an inked sketch I did of some tables while I was hanging out with some friends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 336-341

So my friend Alex's birthday was a few days ago, and I didn't get a doodle done in time.  Sorry, pal.  Anyway, I like this drawing well enough, though I may have subconsciously did it a little bit off, as I've always been jealous at how much prettier he is than me.  ;)

This is some cool ink dragon/gargoyle.  Pretty pleased with this.

And, because I'm still obsessed with this thing, here are three ink doodles of the newly discovered Yutyrannus huali.  

And finally, a quick doodle of a koala.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 328-335

"Yes, self?
"How many days has it been since you've done a DaD post on your blog?"
"Well... I think it was just a couple days ag-"
"Eight days.  You haven't done a doodle in eight days."
"But... no.  Hold on.  Blogger says I did a post on April 4th.  That was 6 days ago.  If I do six doodles today I'll still be good.  Not great, I really should try and do it more regularly but--"
"That was a Buffy Rewatch post."
"You did a Buffy Rewatch post on April 4th.  You haven't doodled in 8 days."
"But I thought --"
"Clearly you did not."
"Seriously?  Eight days?  Wow.  How did that happen?  I was on spring break and everything."
"I have no clue.  You had plenty of time to doodle.  I don't know what your excuse is.  And you have almost exactly a month left of doodles.  Seriously man, pull it together!"
"Sorry, self."

So, as you can see from my inner monologue... I got confused.  But never mind that!  For I did a drawing of Yutyrannus -- the new feathered Tyrannosauroid -- and I am quite proud of it!

And... um... some kind of bird with a hat?  I don't know.  To be honest, I kind of phoned this one in.

I just finished reading The Two Towers, and have to admit that I was deeply disturbed by the Shelob chapter.  So I had to doodle it.

Some kind of robot character.

The last four drawings are interesting to me because I am surprised I never had this idea before.


First is Batraptor!  This is a Deinonychus as Batman.

Superceratops!  Triceratops as Superman.  I actually really regret this pose now that I think about it.  I wish that his frill was in full view so you could see the emblem on it.

Spider-Troodon!  (That name needs work.)  I decided to put his web shooter on his snout.  Because why not?

And finally, ThyreoTHORan!  Yeah, that's an Ankylosaurus as Thor.  (His tail club has become Mjolnir.)  I think color would have made this one more obvious.

Actually, I don't think these simple quick ink sketches do this concept justice.  I might have to revisit this idea.

That's all for now.  Hopefully this last month of doodles won't be as sporadic as it has been lately.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BtVS Rewatch: Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet (1x04)

  • You know, this episode wasn't as bad as I remembered it.  I mean... it wasn't great, but I at least had an enjoyable time watching it, so that's something.
  • Dr. Gregory is wonderful.  "Please don't listen to the principle or anyone else's negative opinion about you.  Let's make them eat that permanent record, okay?"  I love teachers like this, that are so encouraging and kind and actually make you want to learn.  I'm really sad that he had to go so soon.
  • Music at the Bronze:  I have no idea what this is, but I HATE it.
  • And the Xander-jealousy monster rears its ugly head.
  • Really, Angel?  You're giving her your jacket?
  • I love that Giles laughs at his own joke about Buffy having too many guys in her life.
  • Is it weird that I don't find Ms. French very attractive at all?  I mean, she's certainly well endowed, but her face just... creeps me out?  I assume the pheromones must be having quite an effect.
  • "They are just behaving the way nature designed them."  How about let's keep the word 'designed' out of the science classes please.
  • Buffy points out that Dr. Gregory hadn't changed his clothing.  Except... I bet he wears that same lab coat every day.  I mean, it has his name on it.  I would wear the same lab coat every day if it had my name on it.  You'd have to pay me not to.
  • "We all need help with our feelings. Otherwise we bottle them up, and before you know it, powerful laxatives are involved."  I'm kind of sad that Principle Flutie dies so soon.  This line made me laugh really hard.
  • Wow.  Watching Cordy in the therapy session (should the door be open by the way?  Isn't their a confidentiality thing that's supposed to... exist?) makes me actually really dislike her.  She's so one-dimensional right now it's really depressing.
  • "What are you doing?" "My homework."  I found this a bit too cheesey.
  • I still really don't get the praying mantis thing.  Is it a demon?  Is it an ACTUAL praying mantis?  Isn't this reproductive strategy really impractical?
  • Awkward Xander reminds me of me a lot.  "You're probably cool as a cucumber."  "I like cucumbers. Like in that Greek salad thing with the yogurt.  Do you like Greek food?  I'm exempting Schwarma, of course, I mean, what's that all about?  It's a big meat hive."
  • I love the old lady that was actually Ms. French.  The way she says, "No dear!  I'm right here!" was really funny to me.
  • Man, Fork Guy was really easy to kill.  Why was Angel so worried?
  • I like that Blaine turns out to be a virgin as well.  The obsession with virginity that our society has is absolutely fascinating to me.  It seems like it's the only thing that people have that they are also desperate to lose.  You shouldn't want to lose your virginity to the first person (or She-Mantis) you can.  It's about self-respect, people.
  • Blaine makes a point of telling everyone there that his father is a lawyer so they better not say anything.  I'm trying to imagine a scenario in which Giles, Buffy, Willow, and Xander are all sued for rescuing Blaine from a ridiculous mantis monster.
  • And... cue wry-smile Angel.  Man, guy needs some character development NOW.

Giant Theropod with Feathers

Big Dinosaur news today!  In a new paper published today in Nature by Xing Xu of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing and his colleages announced the discovery of a giant theropod dinosaur from the Chinese Yixian Formation they have named Yutyrannus huali.  They discovered three separate individuals, each roughly 9 meters long (about 30 feet).  The big deal: this thing had feathers.

Feathered dinosaurs aren't rare.  But this is the largest theropod to ever be discovered with them, and this is an important point.  It has long been debated whether giant theropods had feathers or not, so this discovery is significant.  If Yutyrannus had feathers, then who's to say that other ones didn't as well?  Can you imagine a fuzzy T. rex?  Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that other large theropods definitely had feathers.  (Party poop.)  The scientists publishing the paper believe that the area in which this animal lived (Early Cretaceous Northeastern China) may have been abnormally cold for the cretaceous, and the feathers may have provided insulation.  (A 'woolly tyrannosaur')  So, this doesn't mean that all other large theropods had them, but it does mean that they could have.  And until it is proven otherwise, I'm going to be drawing them that way from now on.  (Well, Tyrannosaurs at least.)

Speaking of drawing, I should probably give a shot at drawing this guy.

If you want to read the paper, here's the link: Nature.  It is not free, though, so you might not get to read more than the abstract unless you have a subscription to Nature or you are at a University that does.

I would also direct you to Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings for a more in depth take on this great find.

BtVS Rewatch: Witch

Witch (1x03)

  • So I'm trying really hard to be critical of Xander.  I have long related to him and he is contender for favorite character.  However, it has been pointed out to me that he is actually a very difficult character for people to like because he is very immature about gender issues.  So, while I don't think my love for him will ever die, I am trying to view him a little bit more critically this time around and see what I see.  And I have to admit that right off the bat he is, though not a raging misogynistic or anything, very immature.
  • Xander on Amber bursting into flames at cheerleading tryouts: "It's like the human torch, only it hurts."  Fantastic!
  • Oh Willow and your super teh leet haxoring skillz.  Just once I want to see a realistic portrayal of "hacking" in popular media.
  • Man, it's weird to watch this episode knowing Willow becomes a witch later.  The stuff with Amy's mom is very strange and stereotypical.
  • Xander calls Willow one of the guys when she's fallen for him hard.  Ouch.  Poor Willow.  :(  Don't worry, you'll have the best girlfriend ever in a few years.
  • Joyce is the best.  I love that, unlike Amy's mom, Joyce really cares about her daughter's well being.  She just DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.  And how could she?  Buffy's the Slayer.  Of course Joyce wouldn't be able to relate.  It doesn't make her a bad parent at all and I really like that the show, and Buffy herself, acknowledges this.
  • Xander: "That is the point and let's not drive it through my head like a railroad spike."  Do people really say this?  I guess I think it's funny considering the character that's introduced next season.
  • Drivers Ed. Teacher to Cordy: "You've failed driver's ed twice -- show me some moves or you'll be taking the bus to college."  I think it's strange this weird stigma americans have against public transportation.
  • So in the scene where the Scoobies are making the potion in chemistry class, I was totally distracted by Willow's pouring into a test tube from a beaker.  Come on, Willow!  It's chemistry!  Don't pour from a large container into a smaller one!  Use a pipet!  Also, where are your goggles?  (What have I become?)
  • I love that Xander gets the "one of the girls" line thrown back at him from Buffy.
  • Oh my god!  Giles's car!  I love that thing!  Hold on I need to google what it is... okay I'm back.  It's a  grey 1963 Citro├źn DS.
  • Why did Giles bring Amy with them to undo her mother's spells?  Didn't he realize that when he undid the spell she would become her mother again and be really pissed?
  • You know, this episode really reminded me of how much I hate it when parents resent their own children.  I've met a few of those kinds of parents and I just don't think that's fair at all.
  • Giles claims that that spell was his first casting.  Ha!
  • Joyce and Buffy scene: awww.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BtVS Rewatch: Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest

So, in honor of this being the 15th anniversary of the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think I am going to do a rewatch.  This will be fun.  I haven't done a full rewatch in several years now, instead opting to just watch random favorite episodes.  I also plan on writing about each episode here.  Because... I can?  I don't know.  It sounds like fun.

Now, these aren't going to be full-fledged reviews.  That has been done many times and much better than I could do it.  (Check out for my favorite reviews of both Buffy and Angel.)  Instead I think this is more going to be stream of conciousness-type posts, detailing small thoughts I have about the episode in question.  They will probably be pretty short, though if something feels like something I want to talk a lot about I might make a longer post once in a while.

I also have no guarantee of how frequently I will do this.  Unlike the Doodle-A-Day project, I'm not going to set any requirements here, and I will probably just do it whenever I have the time to.

A final note before I start the two-part pilot: There will be lots and lots of SPOILERS for future episodes.  This is a rewatch, and I will therefore call forward quite a bit when it strikes my fancy.

That in mind, here we go!

Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest (1x1 & 1x2)

  • The first thing I notice:  They're all so little!!
  • Xander on a skateboard.  I like to think that this is the only time he ever tried skateboarding.
  • The Xander/Willow relationship seems strange here.  They are acting like two people that kind of know each other, as opposed to lifelong best friends.  This is especially strange because Willow has the line about how Xander stole her Barbie.
  • I love how eager Giles seems at first, and then how disappointed he gets when Buffy denies the Vampyr book.  (What is IN that book, anyway?)
  • Principle Flutie!  Hahaha, I just keep thinking about how he's going to get eaten later.
  • Angel is so ridiculous here.  I think that it's because they didn't quite know what his character would be, but I think it kind of makes sense knowing Angel's character.  Considering how obsessed with his appearance he is, I think he's trying to make a perfect first impression here.  Which is especially funny because we know that he was in New York eating rats not long before this.
  • I find the scenes with the Master in the weird sunken church to be really boring for the most part.  The only times I really appreciate the Master as a villain is when he's being funny.
  • The soundtrack to these episodes is so jarring!  I hate that strange 90s synth-y suspense sound that they insist on playing.  Ugh.  I can't wait till Season 2 when they get Christophe Beck as composer.
  • You know, I find it very strange that this show was even made.  I mean, I can see the potential, because I have seen the series.  But honestly, this whole everything is so goofy and weird.
  • Joyce is the best mom ever.  I can't blame her for not letting Buffy out.  She has no idea that it's actually really important.
  • I love how little time is spent on getting Xander and Willow up to speed.  If they had spent a long time denying it and stuff, it would have been so boring.  They are already the Scoobies!
  • I'd forgotten that Xander stakes Jesse by accident.  Is he ever even mentioned again once in the entire rest of the series?  Wasn't he like... their other best friend?  Or maybe we were mislead.  Maybe he had JUST started hanging out with them before this episode started.  That would be kind of funny.
  • Why is The Harvest a thing anyway?  I mean... I kind of thought that the Masters imprisonment was a unique event.  Like... he tried to do this thing once with the Hellmouth but failed and got stuck.  But he can use this Harvest thing to get enough power to break free?  And it happens every hundred years or whatever?  Why?  Does he get stuck someplace every hundred years?  This... doesn't make sense to me.
  • I love how Buffy tricks Luke into thinking the sun has risen.
  • "The earth is doomed."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 322-327

So after quite a few non-dinosaur doodles, I finally got the itch to draw some dinos again.  So today I present 6 drawings (well, five) of the giant  Cretaceous carnivore: Giganotosaurus.

The above head belongs to Giganotosaurus, the below belongs to Tyrannosaurus.  I did this drawing to prove the point that, contrary to popular conception, not all big carnivorous dinosaurs were just Tyrannosaurs with a different name.  I think the difference in shape between these two dinosaurs is very clear.

And here are a couple more Giganotosaurus headshots.

And some color drawings.  These were fun.