Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BtVS Rewatch: Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet (1x04)

  • You know, this episode wasn't as bad as I remembered it.  I mean... it wasn't great, but I at least had an enjoyable time watching it, so that's something.
  • Dr. Gregory is wonderful.  "Please don't listen to the principle or anyone else's negative opinion about you.  Let's make them eat that permanent record, okay?"  I love teachers like this, that are so encouraging and kind and actually make you want to learn.  I'm really sad that he had to go so soon.
  • Music at the Bronze:  I have no idea what this is, but I HATE it.
  • And the Xander-jealousy monster rears its ugly head.
  • Really, Angel?  You're giving her your jacket?
  • I love that Giles laughs at his own joke about Buffy having too many guys in her life.
  • Is it weird that I don't find Ms. French very attractive at all?  I mean, she's certainly well endowed, but her face just... creeps me out?  I assume the pheromones must be having quite an effect.
  • "They are just behaving the way nature designed them."  How about let's keep the word 'designed' out of the science classes please.
  • Buffy points out that Dr. Gregory hadn't changed his clothing.  Except... I bet he wears that same lab coat every day.  I mean, it has his name on it.  I would wear the same lab coat every day if it had my name on it.  You'd have to pay me not to.
  • "We all need help with our feelings. Otherwise we bottle them up, and before you know it, powerful laxatives are involved."  I'm kind of sad that Principle Flutie dies so soon.  This line made me laugh really hard.
  • Wow.  Watching Cordy in the therapy session (should the door be open by the way?  Isn't their a confidentiality thing that's supposed to... exist?) makes me actually really dislike her.  She's so one-dimensional right now it's really depressing.
  • "What are you doing?" "My homework."  I found this a bit too cheesey.
  • I still really don't get the praying mantis thing.  Is it a demon?  Is it an ACTUAL praying mantis?  Isn't this reproductive strategy really impractical?
  • Awkward Xander reminds me of me a lot.  "You're probably cool as a cucumber."  "I like cucumbers. Like in that Greek salad thing with the yogurt.  Do you like Greek food?  I'm exempting Schwarma, of course, I mean, what's that all about?  It's a big meat hive."
  • I love the old lady that was actually Ms. French.  The way she says, "No dear!  I'm right here!" was really funny to me.
  • Man, Fork Guy was really easy to kill.  Why was Angel so worried?
  • I like that Blaine turns out to be a virgin as well.  The obsession with virginity that our society has is absolutely fascinating to me.  It seems like it's the only thing that people have that they are also desperate to lose.  You shouldn't want to lose your virginity to the first person (or She-Mantis) you can.  It's about self-respect, people.
  • Blaine makes a point of telling everyone there that his father is a lawyer so they better not say anything.  I'm trying to imagine a scenario in which Giles, Buffy, Willow, and Xander are all sued for rescuing Blaine from a ridiculous mantis monster.
  • And... cue wry-smile Angel.  Man, guy needs some character development NOW.

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