Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BtVS Rewatch: Witch

Witch (1x03)

  • So I'm trying really hard to be critical of Xander.  I have long related to him and he is contender for favorite character.  However, it has been pointed out to me that he is actually a very difficult character for people to like because he is very immature about gender issues.  So, while I don't think my love for him will ever die, I am trying to view him a little bit more critically this time around and see what I see.  And I have to admit that right off the bat he is, though not a raging misogynistic or anything, very immature.
  • Xander on Amber bursting into flames at cheerleading tryouts: "It's like the human torch, only it hurts."  Fantastic!
  • Oh Willow and your super teh leet haxoring skillz.  Just once I want to see a realistic portrayal of "hacking" in popular media.
  • Man, it's weird to watch this episode knowing Willow becomes a witch later.  The stuff with Amy's mom is very strange and stereotypical.
  • Xander calls Willow one of the guys when she's fallen for him hard.  Ouch.  Poor Willow.  :(  Don't worry, you'll have the best girlfriend ever in a few years.
  • Joyce is the best.  I love that, unlike Amy's mom, Joyce really cares about her daughter's well being.  She just DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.  And how could she?  Buffy's the Slayer.  Of course Joyce wouldn't be able to relate.  It doesn't make her a bad parent at all and I really like that the show, and Buffy herself, acknowledges this.
  • Xander: "That is the point and let's not drive it through my head like a railroad spike."  Do people really say this?  I guess I think it's funny considering the character that's introduced next season.
  • Drivers Ed. Teacher to Cordy: "You've failed driver's ed twice -- show me some moves or you'll be taking the bus to college."  I think it's strange this weird stigma americans have against public transportation.
  • So in the scene where the Scoobies are making the potion in chemistry class, I was totally distracted by Willow's pouring into a test tube from a beaker.  Come on, Willow!  It's chemistry!  Don't pour from a large container into a smaller one!  Use a pipet!  Also, where are your goggles?  (What have I become?)
  • I love that Xander gets the "one of the girls" line thrown back at him from Buffy.
  • Oh my god!  Giles's car!  I love that thing!  Hold on I need to google what it is... okay I'm back.  It's a  grey 1963 Citroën DS.
  • Why did Giles bring Amy with them to undo her mother's spells?  Didn't he realize that when he undid the spell she would become her mother again and be really pissed?
  • You know, this episode really reminded me of how much I hate it when parents resent their own children.  I've met a few of those kinds of parents and I just don't think that's fair at all.
  • Giles claims that that spell was his first casting.  Ha!
  • Joyce and Buffy scene: awww.

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