Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a Quick Update

Oh man, it has been a while huh?  You'd think that when the school semester was over I would be LESS busy. Haha, nope.  The past couple weeks have been very frantic and full.

Not least of which because I was hurriedly trying to finish animating the latest episode of my web series, which finally went up yesterday.  Watch it here: Welcome to Sumwhere: Driving Me Crazy!

So, now that that's done and other various life-type responsibilities are less pressing, I am once more turning my attention to this blog.  Things to expect in the next week or so and beyond:

  1. The last 5 doodles.  Yes, I realize I completely, totally, 100% dropped the ball on this.  Hilariously in the very last push I failed my mission utterly.  I don't mind though, it's part of the story of the doodles.  Expect the last 5 doodles to come in over the next few days and I will probably do a write-up post reflecting back on the project as a whole: things I learned, how I grew as an artist, as a person, and as a procrastinator.  It will be very exciting, I promise.
  2. Back to Buffy!  The Buffy Rewatch is going to go back into high gear now that it is summer and I have some time to watch my favorite show.  Expect my thoughts on 1x05, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date any day now.
  3. My thoughts on various entertainment that has come my way recently.  This will likely include a post on The Avengers, the recently cancelled NBC show Awake, the new ABC show Once Upon a Time (it's like LOST but in fairyland!), The Iron Giant (which I recently rewatched after like... 10 years), and the Buffy/Angel comics that have come out since I last talked about them.
  4. More doodles.  Not as consistent as the DaD Project, but you are not done being forced to look at my art.  (I imagine you are Clockwork Orange'd up to my blog as I type this.  (Am I allowed to make that reference considering I haven't actually seen that movie?  I'm going to go with yes.  After a certain number of Simpson's episodes, you can claim to have basically seen Citizen Kane and A Clockwork Orange.))  Specifically, I will be delving further into the world of paleoart.  Expect raptors!
  5. A lot of other random crap.  I have a feeling that this blog is going to become a lot less focused this summer as I finally have the time to pour all of my strange and disparate interests into it.
So yeah.  In closing I am going to link to this 3 minute animated short by Toniko Pantoja.  It's beautiful.  (Warning: if you are anything like me you will be in tears in under a minute.)  Crayon Dragon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Note on Doodles etc.

Hey all.  So my doodle-a-day project is TECHNICALLY done, but as I'm sure you've noticed, I still have five doodles I haven't done.  That's all my bad and I'm sorry.

The fact is that the end of the semester really wore me out, and I kind of needed the weekend after it was over to recuperate and get some rest.  Then on Monday, my mother had major surgery and I have been worried/busy as a result.  Finally, I need to finish the Sumwhere episode that is going up at the end of next week, and I'm pretty behind on the animation.

So, all of this stuff has meant that doodles have fallen by the wayside, as well as my BtVS Rewatch and my Avengers review.  But rest assured, I will do all of this stuff very soon.  The last doodles in particular should be really cool.  So keep an eye out for that.  Within the next week hopefully.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 358-359

A couple more Avengers before I hit the hay for the night.

Here's my version of The Mighty Thor.

And the Incredible Hulk!  My Hulk is a bit less gnarly than some Hulk drawings I've seen.  I like him big, but kind of understated, you know?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 356-357

Hey, guys.  I realize that I completely dropped the ball here this past week with the doodles.  Which is especially sad because it's MY LAST WEEK.

But, it's also my last week of school for the semester and that means FINALS.  Which suck.  And on top of that I have been sick, so this is really the first opportunity I have had to do some old fashioned doodling.

I have 8 to catch up on, but I'm not going to rush this because I'm down to my last 9 doodles and I want it to be fun.  So I'm going to just take some time and relax and draw some Avengers over the next little while.

(The movie was awesome, by the way.)

Here's Iron Man

And here's Cap.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doodle-A-Day 354-355

Two doodles today.

First, I was inspired by someone earlier to draw this.  Yes, that is a Pterodactylus in Iron Man armor with a Firefly DVD box set in its beak.  Deal with it.

And I suppose that because it's my... birthday... and all, that I should do a self portrait.  So here it is.  Yay for not being a teenager anymore!