Friday, July 27, 2012

Buffy Rewatch: I Robot, You Jane

I Robot, You Jane (1x08)
Writer: Ashley Gable and Thomas A. Swyden

  • I've decided to start taking note of the writer/writers for each episode, because that interests me.  I might spot trends I never noticed before.  Of course, this is a silly one to start that with because I don't think either of these writers come back.
  • Okay.  Here we go..
  • Jenny Calender!  I always forget this is her first episode.
  • Willow: "Yes.  It was  joke I made up."  I love that line.  I say it all the time when people ask me if I'm joking.
  • That scanner doesn't even scan the whole page!  It makes no sense!  How could a human hand be steady enough to scan a good image anyway!  Gah.  I'm a tech nerd so this is going to be quite painful for me I think.
  • Are free periods a thing?  I never had them in high school.
  • "I'm jacked in. I'm jacked in.  I'm jacked in."  NO COMPUTER NERD HAS EVER SAID THIS.
  • "To read makes our speaking English good."  Another great line I say all the time.
  • WHY DOES WILLOW HAVE A SPEECH SYNTHESIZER TURNED ON? WHY IS SHE TALKING ALOUD TO THE SCREEN WHILE SHE IS TYPING?!  I realize this is to show us what they are saying, but I've seen modern movies and TV shows that just show the screen and what is being typed and it works fine.
  • Moloch: "It's on her permanent record."  (beat)  "She must have mentioned it."   Hahahahaha, this is so funny to me.
  • I can see both Giles' and Jenny's points in the books vs. computers argument.  I do think information should be made available to everyone, but I also think we have become too dependent on the internet and technology in general in a lot of ways.
  • Hahahaaha.  When Buffy tries to delete the Moloch file.  And he's just like... NO.  He comes up all pixel-y.  Oh man.  That's fantastic.
  • Is that Joss on the radio that Giles is listening to?  It sounds a lot like him...
  • I think the idea of a technopagan could actually be really cool if done right (read: by someone who actually understands computers and the internet.)  I like the idea of combining magic and tech.
  • I like the Independence Day reference.  This episode is cheesey, but apparently not so cheesey that the problem could be solved by Jeff Goldbloom with a macbook.
  • I love Giles' speech about the smell of books.  This is why I will never give up on books completely.
  • The conversation the trio have at the end about how they will never have a normal love life is extremely sad/hilarious in hindsight.  You can almost see all the future tragedies transcending time back to this moment.
Well, I really don't have much to say about this episode.  It was exceptionally cheesey and boring.  This whole episode rings of a time before the internet when everyone was still worried about what the computer box was.  The metaphor against online relationships is extremely unsubtle and particularly dated, considering we have an entire industry built around finding romance via the internet now, and does nothing to help the episodes luddite-ity.  Is that a word?  It should be.  Also, I don't think I've EVER been in a chat room in my life.  Do they still exist even?  This episode isn't a complete loss though.  There is quite a few great one liners here, as well as the introduction of Jenny Calender and her and Giles' relationship.

However, I look forward to moving on from this one.

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