Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Update

So I realize that things have been kinda quiet around here lately.  (To be fair I was on vacation for a week, so there's that excuse out of the way.)  I apologize.  I also am aware that I have one more doodle that is so late it's not even funny.  I decided that because I was already well past deadline on it that, instead of trying to get it done as soon as possible, that I would try and make it a cool and worthy final doodle.  As a result it has taken me a bit longer than I anticipated.  However, it is getting there and will probably be up pretty soon.

I also am getting back to my Buffy rewatch, and just posted 3 new rewatch posts earlier this evening.  Go ahead and check 'em out.  Having a lot of fun with this.

I think I shall also do a post talking about my thoughts on the major superhero films that have come out this summer now that I've seen the new Batman.

Finally, I am kind of busy trying to finish the new episode of my web series: Welcome to Sumwhere.  After that though I have a few paleoart-related-projects I have been planning for a while and have every intention to document here.

So, in short: I still have every intention to keep this blog updated so keep checking back.

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