Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Buffy Rewatch: Nightmares

Nightmares (1x10)
Writer: Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt

  • Joss is credited as a writer for this one.  Makes sense.
  • Health class is always such a joke.  Active listening?
  • Why are vampires hurt by crosses anyway?  Is it the Christianity thing?  Because other than this one thing, BtVS is a very secular show.  It's strange.  Perhaps crosses were adopted as a christian symbol BECAUSE they hurt vampires?
  • "It's funny if you're me."
  • Calling non-insects insects bugs me too, Wendel.
  • The SMOKING KILLS sign is a bit too much.
  • I'm pretty sure that doctor is breaking a lot of rules by telling Buffy and Giles everything.
  • The only appearance of Hank Summers.
  • The scene where Hank tells Buffy the divorce was her fault is so upsetting to me.  SMG is really great.
  • Nightmares coming true.  That is a genuinely terrifying thought.
  • Where on earth is Xander? Weird tarps hanging everywhere?  I guess it's a dream thing.
  • The Master has seen Cinderella?
  • I actually got a strange amount of pride when Xander punched that clown.
  • So does no one remember except the Scoobies?  I suppose that was not the real Hank Summers?
This is one of my very favorite episodes of this season.  We learn a lot about the characters here.  We learn that Buffy fears having been the cause of her parents divorce, which actually is a subtle but important note about the character.  It all ties in with her sense of isolation as a result of her calling, a main theme of this season and the series as a whole.

We learn that Giles' greatest fear is Buffy's death, which is an important moment for the still growing relationship between them.

Willow's fear involves being in front of a crowd.  This seems to be fairly trivial, but it actually tells a lot about the character.  As we will later see, Willow fears judgement and feeling weak.  As we see in Restless (4x22), Willow is afraid that people will see through her "disguise" of self confidence to the scared, awkward little girl from this season.

Xander's nightmare is probably the least interesting.  The clown thing was kind of funny but not especially revealing.  We will get a much better examination of Xander's fears in Fear, Itself (4x04), Restless (4x22), and Hell's Bells (6x16).

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